Egyptian healing rods

Increase Vitality, Balance Yin-Yang & Chakras, Manifest What You Desire


Most people have seen pictures and statues from Egypt showing Pharaohs, Priestesses or Neters (deities) holding cylinders in their hands.

These cylinders were used by the Ancient Egyptians for healing, manifesting and “communing with the Neters”.  In 1500 B.C., they disappeared from all Egyptian statuary, tomb paintings and carvings but archaeologists didn’t know why.  Later it became clear that these sacred tools and technology went into the Mystery Schools to protect them from misuse by low vibration human beings. The secret of the rods did not emerge from these schools until the 20th century.


They were re-created by a group of Russian scientists based on a text from a Zoroastrian Yoga Mystery School in the Caucasus Mountains during the 1920s.  The initiate was Polish Count Stefan Colonna Walewski. During his studies and initiations, he was taught these formerly secret methods of how to fabricate and use one set of rods.  After he died in 1955, this document was studied by a number of people in America, and eventually came to a Russian physics teacher, who studied Walewski’s manual in the early 1990s. Two other Russian scientists banded together with him to produce the first set of rods in 1995 and continued making improvements until they were made publicly available in 2001 in Russia.  They have been available in the United States since 2002.


The crystal-filled Egyptian Healing Rods are created in strict accordance with the original specifications from these Mystery School texts.  All materials are energetically conditioned for 12 days in a 72 ft. tall Russian pyramid outside St. Petersburg before sale.  This document summarizes the effects of pyramid energy on objects and our environment.

These rods were tested by members of the Russian National Academy of Sciences which includes:  the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Graphite Scientific Research Institute, and the Institute of Physics in Ukraine.  This modern scientific testing assured that the rods met Walewski's criteria and defined their physical, emotional, mental and psycho-spiritual capabilities. 


Researched for 10 years by members of Russian Scientific Academy supporting claims made in Egyptian sacred texts.  This research implies that holding the rods in your hands, sends a gentle electric current through all your meridians and chakras, stimulating your “chi” or life force.  Used by practitioners and individuals at home.

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